GPS-32 - GPS32

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The program reads data sent by the GPS NMEA data and evaluates them. The data are presented on a clear screen. The program can receive data from GPS and send to GPS.

Moving Map:

Your position is displayed on a moving map.

Waypoints and routes:

The easiest way to create waypoints via  mouse click, send to GPS and automatically create your route.


GPS-32 can send and receive data on the network. For example, a flight simulator, the NMEA data can be sent over the network, evaluated in GPS-32, and the position will be shown on the maps of GPS-32.


GPS-32 fetches online free maps from OpenStreetMap and OpenSeaMap and saves them on your computer. If you are offline and GPS32 need these cards, they will be loaded and displayed from your hard drive.


Gps-32 is modular.
The individual modules are independent programs and communicate internally or externally via the network with GPS-32.

Suitable GPS devices

Here are some  Videos for dealing with GPS-32.

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