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GPSInfo is a program that allows you to store information (POI's) to a GPS location

By connecting the GPS, or in connection with GPS32 you are the POI's at
Reaching the position shown.

The program stores only the paths to your data located on your computer.
The data, such as your pictures will not be moved or copied.
Therefore GPSInfo takes up very little space on your hard drive. The number of
POI's are therefore virtually unlimited.

It can process documents all species for which an application on your computer is installed.
For example, music, text, images, videos, etc.
The window for images only accepts images.
The window for videos only videos.
The window for data accepted everything.
If you click on data in the data window, is the so
associated application running on your computer.

GPSInfo can be used with a GPS device, without installing GPS-32.

Here you will find a Video to GPSInfo.


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