WinNav-LogBook - GPS32

This description and prices do not apply to the version from the Microsoft Store
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For Windows 10 there is WinNav logbook in the Microsoft Store.
It's a 30-day trial and costs $ 2.99 after expiration.

An app has the great advantage of easy installation and runs in a so-called "sandbox" so completely separate from the system.
The updates are automatic.

WinNav logbook uses your position from the built-in GPS sensor or communicates with the WinNav GPS-32 app.
A connection to the old version of GPS-32 is not possible.
Entries of the old version can be imported.

Owners of the previous version do not need to remove them, both run in parallel.
For testing purposes, you can therefore keep the previous version for the time being.

Click on ... in the store to load the trial version.

Download from Store.

Download oldVersion
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